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    Come join us here on alternate Sundays @ 5 PM starting in June. We will have a variety of Holistic Health Practitioners, Therapists, and Teachers, either presenting information or offering sessions that include; Qi Gong, Yoga, Crystal Bowl Healing, Aroma Therapy, and Gong Bath, to name a few, or a combination of modalities.

    There will be a drawing held at each two hour gathering and one fortunate recipient will receive a free session provided by one of our many gifted therapists, practitioners and or teachers. We offer Deep-Tissue Massage, Naturopathy, Colon Hydro-therapy, Private Pilates, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a variety of healing, therapeutic styles of yoga and much more.

    Please keep an eye peeled for the particular modality that will be presented every other week…we will be posting them one week in advance.

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