Work-Life Integration

14 Sep 2014
Work-Life Integration

Submitted by Andrea Alfonsi Work-Life Balance implies that there is some state of homeostasis in which all aspects of our lives are in perfect harmony.  This rarely happens!  In the words of world-renowned yoga teacher, Aadil Palkhivala, “The moment our attention ceases and we congratulate ourselves for being balanced upright, we have already begun to fall over…Achieving and maintaining balance are the path, not the destination.”  Consider instead that the destination is Integration, a state where there is dynamic flow between our core values and our daily commitments, and, our time spent on each of these. Take a moment now, and think about your core values – for each of … Read More


Why Slow Yoga?

07 Sep 2014

Submitted by Megan Doyle Corcoran Ten years ago, I traveled to India to study with my teacher, Pattabhi Jois. Until then, I’d seen him only at conferences, in the small spaces between bodies who packed halls to contort at his direction. I wanted more. I was 29, bendy, ambitious and anxious to learn. I arrived in Mysore and enrolled at his shala the same day. I left with the unwelcome instructions to appear an hour before dawn the next day. Jetlag, I told myself, was a mental construct. Ashtanga yoga, I decided, would fix it. At 5:15 or some dark hour, I unrolled my mat in the place that PJ … Read More


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