The practice of Kundalini Yoga provides each of us a unique experience. During our yoga practice we connect to ourselves, our breath, and we evolve and grow, becoming simultaneously enriched and challenged.
Known as the yoga of awareness, this yogic technology helps us become aware of our inner true self and the creative potential that we all possess. Tapping into this energy helps each of us come into a direct relationship with our soul.
Following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, we will practice specific exercises, breath work, mantras, mudras and inner points of focus. We will raise our energy and experience how we feel, being fully with ourselves in that experience. As with each day and each breath, every Kundalini Yoga class is different.
You are invited to join the fun and practice Kundalini Yoga. Come and tune in, breath and move , and then notice how this makes you feel. Experience this for yourself.
Sat Nam.