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Dantayama Yoga

This restorative style of yoga offers a doorway inside. Explore your true nature, the nature of the Self which is BLISS. Come dive into the ocean of bliss through postures that allow access into a deeper realm and ultimately a deeper awareness throughout the body and mind. This style of yoga invites you to welcome the art of “being” as opposed to “doing”.


Basic Flow

This class is designed to meet the needs of students who have had little or no Yoga experience, or for those who need a slower pace class, perhaps due to injuries or health issues. The class will be getting back to basics, taking it steady, with a strong focus on alignment and breathing techniques. Modifications and props will be used where necessary to support those in need. The class aims to release tension in the body by strengthening and stretching, while focusing on the breath to promote relaxation and release. Open to advanced Yogini’s who are looking to get back to basics.


Stress-Less (hatha blend)

Do you deal with stress? Suffer from low back pain? Have a sedentary job? Simply want to open up your joints?  The Stress-Less style focuses on key areas in the body that house stress and experience tightness, such as the hip joints, low back and the neck and shoulders. Opening key joints in the body will help alleviate stress, protect the body from further injury, and create a sense of happiness and well being. While we often cover challenging poses, all levels are welcome to experience the joy of yoga with this unique perspective.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini, “the yoga of awareness,” opens your heart, builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of your spine. It has the power to unlock barriers within ourselves that can unleash a supremely joyful and serene Self. Kundalini is without a doubt one of the more spiritual styles of yoga. It focuses on breath and movement and challenges its students both physically and mentally.


Kundalini Yoga (Sadhana)

Kundalini Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness. Each week focuses on a different chakra or energy center.
Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, focuses on awakening your energy and unlocking your inner potential through specific breathing, movements, stretching, meditation, and mantra. This powerful form of Yoga is a great way to recharge and heal your body quickly. A typical Kundalini Yoga class will start and end with the most beautiful and ancient chants which open and calm the heart.  We then proceed with a carefully planned sequence of postures, movements and breathing exercises, called a Kriya, that bring about quick and powerful transformation on all levels. Elevate and experience yourself through this ancient science.


Yoga Basics

In this beginners yoga class, you will be introduced to the proper alignment of yoga asana (postures), as well as breathing techniques. You will be able to grow and expand upon by also learning to incorporate breath to movement to prepare you for more vigorous asana classes if you choose. This is a great class to set up the foundations of yoga, challenge the body, and mind. This class is also always welcome to advanced practitioners who just want to get grounded and come back to the basics that we all need to be reminded of here and there. Be prepared to reap the benefits of yoga, and find your bliss.


Power-up Power-down Yoga

Designed to be the ideal end to the weekend and prepare for a new week ahead, this class goes full circle from the sun to the moon.  We will start with an active practice followed by restorative poses, a short guided meditation and a supported savansana to ease you into a blissful evening.  We will use breathwork (pranayama), props (blankets/blocks/straps), essential oils and a few other surprises to complement the poses. Appropriate for all levels of experience and for those who desire a complete yogic experience.


Yoga for the Universe

Come enjoy a well-rounded vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels led by Robyn Smith. this class encourages playful exploration of the boundaries of the body with respect to individual limitations. Expect an intentional theme and a strong flow with lots of guidance. We’ll play with arm balances and inversions and end with a guided meditation.


Healing Flow

This class is a gentle flow focusing on key “hot spots” in the body which hold stress and emotions.  Asanas will connect breath to movement and provide students with the tools necessary for self-healing.  Come to this class to let go and relieve stress, opening up to possibilities for greater peace, joy, and happiness.


Power Vinyasa

Challenge your body in mind and take your practice to the next level. Power Vinyasa is a vigorous class that emphasizes muscular endurance while steadying the breath and focusing the mind. Be prepared to sweat out toxins and explore your inner and outer strength.


Vinyasa Basics

This class is perfect for those who have little or no experience in Yoga, but still want an energizing class.The class will be getting back to basics, with a strong focus on correct alignment and breathing techniques. Vinyasa means connecting breath to movement, The flow of the class will be simple, with detailed demonstrations and explanations of the poses, helping you to find your meditative flow with ease and grace. The class aims to release tension in the body by strengthening and stretching, whilst focusing on the breath to promote relaxation and release. The class also welcomes those advanced Yogini’s who are looking to get back to basics.


A Nice Yoga Class

Maybe the day was long and hectic. Maybe you want to see the world again. So here’s a nice yoga class for you. You with the stiff shoulders. You with the crimp in your neck. The stress. The gut feeling that you need strength and balance and we’re not just talking physically. Join me and learn how to find your way to yoga. We’ll breathe, move, try out some poses and figure out what works best for you. At the end, we’ll mellow out and everyone will feel a little better. All bodies welcome and encouraged.


Pilates Mat

Our Pilates Mat classes are open level to all students and are based on Joseph Pilates’s classical Mat exercise routine incorporating breathing, control, centering, concentration, movement, and precision. Mat Pilates is a low impact exercise regime that will help alleviate chronic aches, pains and injuries while lengthening the spine and increasing flexibility and range of movement. Engage your “Powerhouse”  throughout the class in order to increase core strength and stability, and learn to implement proper body positioning in your day-to-day life (including a “tall, straight” spine, ribcage and shoulder placement, and pelvic alignment). All exercises can be modified for injuries.


Pre-Natal Pilates

This class uses Pilates exercises on the stability ball, hand weights, and resistance tubing.  The main goal is to use these tools for birth preparation to support mom and growing baby.  We address the needs you will have in pregnancy and for labor & delivery. We incorporate labor positions on the ball in the fitness class to ensure familiarity and comfort when the time arrives.  Moms who know they need c-sections are encouraged to attend as this will help prepare for post-natal recovery.  We support all birthing philosophies and choices.  Our goal is to help keep expecting moms active and ache-free.  We also keep our eye on post-natal recovery, as well as strengthening upper body and back in anticipation of frequent feedings and constant holding and cuddles. All props and exercise mats are provided.  Please bring your own stability/labor ball.