Naturopathic Healing

Dr. Phil Selinsky, N.D.

After almost 20 years in mechanical engineering designing automated machines and tools, Phil decided to apply his engineering skills to more complex machines (human bodies). He graduated from the Los Angeles College of Massage and Physical Therapy’s Instructor Training in 1976. With the very creative help of then Karen Michelson he founded the INSTITUTE FOR HOLISTIC STUDIES in Santa Barbara, California in 1976.

He created:
The first 1000-hour Holistic Health Practitioner Program in the State of California
The first massage instruction video program in California
The first school of Hypnosis in California,
The first “Chair Massage” program, book, and video program in California
Founded the Central Coast Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
Past Public Relations Director for the American Massage Therapy Association (California Chapter)

To schedule an appt. with Phil or to find out about upcoming workshops at PACIFIC BEACH YOGA AND HEALING ARTS contact Kate: (858) 488-7774.

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“Doc Phil is awesome, I have referred a number of people to him based on my experieince with his work. My energry level always increases after a visit to Phil…My body just seems to work better after he finds the “congested” spots and releases them. It is well worth an hour appointment you will be glad you did, a gift to you.” – Linda N.

Phil gives a seminar at P.B. Yoga and Healing Arts in Pacific Beach

Phil gives a seminar at P.B. Yoga’s Grand Re-Opening Celebration