Alexandra Greenberg

Alexandra Greenberg - Pilates Instructor

IMG_6421As early as age three, I felt an irrepressible need to express myself with body movement and my parents enrolled me in ballet classes. I attended the High School of Performing Arts in San Diego and soon after graduation, I found myself drawn into more “social” dances such as Swing and Lindy Hop, among others. In 2012 I started teaching these dances and this gave me the opportunity to go around the world; Teaching in Sweden is a huge highlight for me. In 2015, I decided to dive deeper into body mechanics and chose Pilates as my path, ultimately getting certified at Club Pilates of Encinitas. The process of bringing together movement, mind, and breath is what interests me most. I offer this to my clients as I guide them through their own understanding of their bodies in the studio and throughout their daily lives. Everyday I further my studies of these concepts and hope you join me!