Yogini Mataji

Yogini Mataji - Yoga Teacher




I am Yoga and Meditation teacher and Tibetan Doctor, studied from International Yoga Academy in Varanasi, India and International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (Sorig Khang International) Nepal.I have proper transmission of knowledge and blessings to provide healing with Tibetan Yoga and with Tibetan Mantras. These Tibetan Healing knowledge – as taught and transmitted to me by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang(The Founder and Medical Director of Sorig Khang International, renowned master of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and lineage holder of Yuthok Nyingthig). These knowledge, in turn, have been transmitted to Dr. Nida as a part of a long oral and written tradition, largely stemming from the Ngakpa lineage, of which Dr. Nida is a direct lineage-holder.

I teach Tibetan Nejang Yoga, Tibetan Ati Yoga (Dzogchen), Moon Yoga, Tibetan Kundalini Yoga (Tummo Yoga), Hatha, Dream Yoga, Yoga with Affirmations and Visualizations, Healing Yoga with Himalayan Pink Salt and Crystals), and Meditation. I am providing healing sessions with Tibetan Healing Mantras and general consultations. Additionally I am providing Tibetan Sa Che Geomancy consultations. I am also Reiki Grand Master and Intuitive Psychic, Oracle reader and Astrologer, which are part of medical education in Tibet.

Website: http://millakrivdina.wixsite.com/yogini-mataji

Cell: 760-593-9453

e-mail: millakalen@gmail.com